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More Than 25 Years of Experience

Our basement remodeling contractors Addison have over 25 years of experience in the trade. This experience provided us with plenty of connections and knowledge to provide high-quality and functional basement remodeling and basement finishing services in Addison and neighboring cities.

No Hidden Costs

When you choose to work with us, you can expect to get high-quality work and materials at competitive prices. We are committed to earning our customers satisfaction, and that shows throughout everything we do. Hidden charges won’t shock you!

Free Estimates & 3D Projects

Our basement remodeling company in Addison provides a detailed free estimate for your basement finishing or basement renovation needs. To make the project and plan clearer, we also offer free 3D computer imagery for our customers.

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Optimum Construction LLC Professional Basement Remodeling & Basement Finishing Addison

Bathroom remodeling Addison can be a big task at hand that would require a professional hand to help out. Fortunately, you have at your disposal Optimum Construction LLC to provide all the home improvements you can imagine, including our basement finishing, renovations, and remodeling services. 

Our in-house basement remodeling contractors at Optimum Contractors LLC are the best there is, holding years of experience in home remodeling and giving a guarantee to deliver the best craftsmanship possible. We provide home remodeling, home upgrades for functionality, and home decor altogether. The bathroom, kitchen, basement, living spaces are all in our zone and we will completely construct your remodel with very careful attention to detail. 

We will eagerly hear your ideas and come up with a design that will best suit your visual and functional needs. Call us anytime and leave it to our basement contractors Addison to get the work started.

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Basement Remodeling

Our basement remodeling contractors Addison have the experience to complete your basement remodeling project on time and budget. This is a great way to add value, space, and utility to your home. If you are not sure where to begin, our remodeling contractors can guide you. Call us today!

Basement Finishing

A finished basement will add significant value and space to your home. Our basement finishing contractors will be happy to discuss your options for your basement finishing Addison. We have many products and materials available, and our team will work closely and coordinate with associates to make sure the best design is being implemented for your project.

Basement Renovations

Our basement renovation services ensure that your new basement will be your favorite room. Your basement doesn't have to be the forgotten part of your home. Our basement remodeling contractors have the expertise to transform your basement into a space that you've always dreamt of. Give us a call today to get started!


Get the latest updates about our services by reaching out to us. We are available to receive your call during our business hours. You may also get in touch with our basement contractors Addison for 3D computer imagery.

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Why Choose Our Basement Remodeling Contractors Addison & Other Suburbs?


We are the trusted company we are today because of the years of learning and research we poured over the years. For 25 years, we have aimed for nothing but strong and beautiful results that reflect our company values as a top choice among remodeling companies around Addison.


When immersing in a new project, be it a basement renovation around the Addison area, we make sure that all our expenses are accounted for and are charged fairly to our clients. You deserve long-lasting results with your hard-earned money with no hidden costs to worry about.


It is our job to secure your home with an apt basement remodeling Addison that will protect you and also align with your property’s structural integrity. We meet these expectations and more with our masterful skills in planning, designing, and constructing. Trust our basement contractors to deliver professional results.


The way we will accommodate you will feel close to home. We have the best employees on our team who will make you feel welcome and give you the best treatment possible. Expect to receive honest and clear answers to every question you may have. Feel free to call us.


For every remodeling or basement finishing Addison, our expert contractors have the skills for it. Allow them to showcase their expertise in the field and provide you the best results you could ever dream of. At Optimum Construction LLC, we pride ourselves on our basement services in the area.


We always look for the best materials in preparing for any basement project. Collaboration is also an important part of our services, which is why we take the time to know your preferences. Based on your desired results, we take matters into our professional hands and get the job done.

Wide Selection of Possible Projects for Your Basement Remodeling Addison

When it comes to your basement remodeling Addison, we are the basement remodeling contractors that you can count on and trust. We have a knack for transforming an unfinished basement into something fabulous that will meet your needs as well as wants. We will take an untouched, undeveloped basement and spend hours with you to create a design that will meet your family’s needs. We will develop 3D projects that will help you visualize the result for your space.

Whether you envision a simple or sophisticated design, our basement remodeling contractors Addison can do it all. Choose from a wide range of selection of possible projects to build your basement, including:

  • Home theaters

  • Laundry Room

  • Specialty rooms

  • Extra bathroom

  • And more!

Optimum Construction LLC is here to provide you with basement remodeling Addison services. Don’t hesitate to give us a call so that you can get the basement that you have always dreamt of!

Our Basement Remodeling Addison Company Always Guarantees Smart Consultations and Superb Design for the Best Project Outcome

Before beginning a basement remodeling, our basement contractors Addison always conducts a consultation first. During this step, we note every detail of the basement you want to achieve and consider our expertise to turn over the best result. Together with our basement remodeling contractors Addison, we have done thousands of remodeling projects for many years, making us the most trusted company providing home remodeling services. We aim to organize your dream home renovation and ensure it will turn out the way you want it. Also, we always make sure that every feature added is structurally in place and correct. Since we know that basement renovations Addison are not cheap, we make sure that every client we serve gets the most out of their investment. Our experienced basement remodeling contractors can guarantee you a satisfying and high-quality outcome due to their strict home remodeling standards. Search no more ‘basement finishing near me in Addison’ – choose us!

Why Should You Decide on a Basement Finishing or Basement Remodeling Addison

Basement remodeling is one of the most effective ways to maximize the space in your home, it is a popular home improvement job. Basement remodeling Addison may be beneficial if you are considering a space upgrade.

A finished basement can be used for various purposes, including as a spare room, home office, family or game room, gym, or home bar. Another appealing aspect of basement remodeling is that it boosts your home’s value. A finished basement can yield a return on investment of more than half. Plan to sell your home in the future. Basement renovations Addison could help you sell it faster.

Our basement remodeling contractors Addison can assist you with your basement remodeling projects if you are interested. Our experts can assist you with any basement renovation project, no matter how big or small. Send us your concept for your basement remodeling Addison and the ideal area, and we’ll offer professional advice and solutions.

Before You Start Planning The Whole Remodeling Process
Get To Know Better About Basement Remodeling & Home Remodeling Addison

When Should I Consider Home Remodeling?

Opting for a basement remodeling Addison may disturb your life for a short time, so be prepared for that. Winter is the greatest season to do it because basement finishing and remodeling contractors are far less busy. Spring and summer are perfect for outdoor projects or major home improvements.

How To Choose The Best Home Remodeling Contractors?

When looking for reputable basement contractors Addison or basement remodeling company, check for websites with provable reviews and ratings to get a sense of what to expect in terms of outcomes. Then, one can also rely on word-of-mouth. Another, before making a hiring selection, you can go over portfolios and references.

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel House?

Basement renovations projects vary in size, scope, finishes, and timeliness so expenses vary accordingly. For example, bathroom remodeling is pricier than basement renovation and basement finishing Addison. Regardless of the costs, the estimate should be free, and several should be obtained for comparison. We, Optimum Construction LLC, can provide you with that!

Do I Have To Clean Whole House While Basement Remodeling?

For every basement renovation, one can’t avoid chaos. The majority of the disaster, on the other hand, can be contained in the basement, as well as access to it. Curtaining and taping off areas is a fantastic idea to disseminate as little mess as possible across the house.

Is Basement Remodeling Worthy?

Basement remodeling might helps you get rid of your dissatisfaction with your basement’s appearance and usefulness. At Optimum Construction LLC, we offer that! Residents in Addison had the basement of their homes finished and remodeled. They feel more like an extension of the house than just a cellar.

How Do I Prepare For Basement Remodeling?

Clarify your preferred basement design based on your tastes, aesthetics, and utility with your basement contractor as it’s part of the planning phase. Also, a must-do before basement remodeling Addison is to empty all of your possessions and prepare yourself not to use them throughout the project duration.

Basement Remodeling Addison: Make Your Basement One Of Your Home's Finest Assets

People often forget about their basements when they are thinking of extra room. Most homeowners have a basement that isn’t finished or a basement that could use some basement remodeling Addison. Either way, taking the steps to solve this issue involves hiring basement contractors. One of the benefits of basement remodeling Addison service is the ability to give your family another comfortable space in your home where you can relax. There are many ideas you can go with for this space that basement finishing contractors Addison can make a reality such as playrooms for kids, office space, a home gym, a movie theater, and many other alternatives. Basement renovations increase the value of your home as well. Don’t overlook the untapped potential of this area in your home. We offer basement renovations, basement refinishing, and basement remodeling 

Addison that is done to a professional standard to upgrade the appeal as well as time spent here. Our contractors are knowledgeable and dedicated to giving you the best job imaginable using the best materials available to make sure you get exactly the results you want. If you want a durable solution that lasts, choose us. If you are looking for ‘basment remodeling near me in Addison’ – choose our prefessional service!

Let Us Show You What Our Basement Remodeling Addison Contractors Can Do with Your Unfinished Basement

With 25 years of hard work, we’ve developed the technique for basement remodeling Addison homes require. While some people think remodeling a basement follows the same path as any other room, there are some differences to consider. The first step consists of a thorough inspection to make sure there’s no water damage to your basement interiors. Then we’ll move on to the exterior grounds to ensure they’re graded away from the foundation. Cracks on the foundation walls must be spotted and addressed in advance to achieve the best quality of basement renovations Addison homeowners expect. It’s also important to find out local permit regulations and building costs, especially for electricity and plumbing works.

Our business model is based on clear, ongoing communication, which makes us the most reliable basement remodeling Addison company. That’s our way to ensure your basement looks the way you pictured it and the renovation process is smooth and satisfactory. You can count on our honest guidance for your budget and timeframe of the project. You’ll have the best basement contractors Addison offers to explain how every decision will impact your budget.

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