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More Than 25 Years of Experience

Our basement remodeling company has been in the industry for more than 25 years. No matter the size of your basement finishing, or basement remodeling Libertyville, our team can handle it. We can make your basement renovation stress-free with our excellent product.

No Hidden Costs

Among other remodeling companies in Libertyville, we are known for our reliability, experienced team, friendly basement remodeling contractors, and there are no hidden costs in our quotes. We give our customers all the attention at competitive prices.

Free Estimates & 3D Projects

For our customers to know if we are a good fit for your project, our basement remodeling contractors in Libertyville provide a free estimate and 3D computer imagery plan. This will help our customers understand and have an idea about the output.

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Optimum Construction LLC Professional Basement Remodeling & Basement Finishing Libertyville

When you are planning to remodel your home and you are in need of seasoned basement contractors Libertyville, then you definitely should go for Optimum Construction LLC! We know how a house remodel is done and we will guarantee you the perfect remodel job. 

Choose us for professional services for your house renovation, functional upgrades, and decor. We will professionally remodel bathrooms, kitchens, basements. and living spaces and all other interior remodels. 

No matter the complexity of the bathroom remodeling in the works, we will provide the best service and handle whatever you throw at us. A consultation is what you can expect before undergoing a project where we understand your needs, design choices, and functional requirements. Moving forward, we work with precision to deliver you exactly what you have asked for. So please do call us when you need a basement remodeling Libertyville.

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Basement Remodeling

Our basement remodeling Libertyville can help you design and achieve the space that you've always wanted for your basement. No matter the size of your basement, our reliable and experienced basement remodeling contractors can help you. Just tell us what you need, and we can help you plan based on your budget, needs, and style.

Basement Finishing

Our basement remodeling contractors Libertyville can transform your existing drab basement into your ideal basement. Our experienced team will help you every step of the project and be attentive to your needs and goals to improve your basement living area no matter the size of your project.

Basement Renovations

A renovated basement can become your favorite part of your home. From gyms, playrooms, bedrooms, study rooms, home theaters, and more, our basement renovation can turn your old basement into the space you've always dreamed of! Give us a call today, and our experienced and friendly basement contractors will answer all of your questions.


Enjoy top-class results with our services. Call our company for consultation and have a chance to speak directly with our basement remodeling contractors Libertyville. We provide affordable rates and 3D computer imagery at consultation. Contact us at any time.

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Why Choose Our Basement Remodeling Contractors Libertyville & Other Suburbs?


We have a tremendous background in the industry, making us a reliable choice basement remodeling Libertyville company. We set a high bar in improving basements of different structures, layouts, and sizes. No matter the complexity of your basement, our company can handle it, thanks to 25 years experience.


We mark our rates fairly and provide them to our clients with full transparency. We are honest with the way we work and avoid hidden charges at all costs. Freely call us for a quote and we will give you an upfront figure. For a more detailed list, consult us.


We look out for the best interests of our clients, whether for basement renovations or basement remodeling Libertyville. To do this, we inject pure passion into our work and strive to do everything we could to leave you completely satisfied. We anticipate mishaps beforehand and prepare well for them.


Honesty and friendly relations are two values that we have established in our company from the very start. From engaging with colleagues to handling client concerns, we make sure that we exude a friendly and accommodating approach that will help clients approach us with no hesitation. Contact our staff anytime.


Every wish you have can be made true when you come to our company for help. Our basement contractors Libertyville are well trusted in the local area, so you can have no doubts about their expertise. They make the workflow easy with their professional and calm approach to projects.


We want you to enjoy lasting results from our services, thus high-quality materials are non-negotiable in our book. We look far and wide to get the best suppliers in the suburbs with a range of options to offer. More than the aesthetics, our basement finishing Libertyville is built strong.

Wide Selection of Possible Projects for Your Basement Remodeling Libertyville

Do you have an unfinished basement? We are the basement remodeling contractors 

Libertyville that can help you create a perfect design for you and your family’s needs. We will take your untouched, undeveloped basement and spend hours creating the design you need for your home. Our basement remodeling contractors will develop 3D projects to help you visualize the result for your space.

Whether you want a simple or luxurious basement space, our professional basement finishing crew is here to provide you with the highest quality of service. Optimum Construction LLC has a professional design crew and craftsmen that can get the job done right the first time. You can choose from a wide selection of possible projects that includes:

  • Home theaters

  • Laundry Room

  • Specialty rooms

  • Extra bathroom

  • And more!

We are the best basement remodeling Libertyville company that can accomplish your dream design. If you are looking for ‘basment remodeling near me in Libertyville’ – choose our prefessional service!

Our Basement Remodeling Libertyville Company Always Guarantees Smart Consultations and Superb Design for the Best Project Outcome

Consultation is the first step of every basement remodeling we do. During the consultation, our basement contractors Libertyville will note all the details of your dream basement while considering our expertise to deliver high-quality results. Our basement remodeling Libertyville contractors, made thousands of homeowners satisfied with our remodeling results, allowing us to be the leading home remodeling company in the region. Organizing a hassle-free basement renovation and making it a success is always our goal. We see to it that every aspect of your space is placed correctly. We are fully aware of how expensive it is to do basement renovations Libertyville, so we always make certain that you receive the maximum benefit out of your investment. You will work with our skilled basement remodeling contractors who can turn your unused basement into a space you never imagined it could be.

Why Should You Decide on a Basement Finishing or Basement Remodeling Libertyville

Do you want your Libertyville home to undergo basement remodeling? Basement remodeling is one of the most cost-effective ways to expand your living space. Basement finishing is a common home improvement project. If you’re looking to update your area, basement remodeling Libertyville can be a good option.

A finished basement can be utilized as a spare room, home office, family or game room, gym, or home bar, among other things. Another advantage of basement remodeling Libertyville is that it increases the value of your property. A finished basement can provide a more than 50% return on investment. Basement remodeling  Libertyville could help you sell your property faster in the future.

If you are interested, our basement remodeling contractors Libertyville can help you with your basement renovation needs. No matter how big or little your basement renovation project is, our professionals can help. Send us your basement remodeling ideas and the ideal location, and we’ll provide expert advice and solutions.

Before You Start Planning The Whole Process
Get To Know Better About Basement Remodeling & Home Remodeling Libertyville

When Should I Consider Home Remodeling?

Be sure you’re ready to have your life thrown off for a bit during a basement remodeling in Libertyville. Interior home upgrades are best done in winter where basement remodeling contractors appear to be less occupied – for substantial house renovations, it is best in the spring and summer.

How To Choose The Best Home Remodeling Contractors?

Verified reviews give ideas of what to expect in terms of experience and outcomes, so check them out when locating trustworthy basement remodeling Libertyville company, like Optimum Construction LLC. Finding reputable ones can be by word of mouth, too. Portfolios and references can also be checked before employment.

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel House?

A home remodeling Libertyville project varies in cost in accordance with its scale, depth, finishing, and duration. For instance, basement finishing or basement renovation is more costly than a bathroom remodel. Although home remodeling costs vary, quotations are free of charge, and multiple estimates should be obtained to assess.

Do I Have To Clean Whole House While Basement Remodeling?

If you are doing basement refurbishing in your Libertyville property, expect some chaos – this is not new. If you’re concerned, most of the calamity is contained in the cellar and the cellar entrance. Portions can be barricaded and taped off to disperse the least amount of mess across the house.

Is Basement Remodeling Worthy?

If you are displeased with the aesthetic or usefulness of your basement, or if you require additional living space, basement renovation is an excellent option here in Libertyville. Many homes have completed basements, and some of them feel more like extensions of the house than cellars.

How Do I Prepare For Basement Remodeling?

Letting your basement contractors Libertyville know your ideas, keeping in mind your preferences, aesthetics, and practicality are vital for every basement remodeling venture. Also, if the work’s about to start, take out all of your basement’s valuable ones and don’t use them for the duration of the restoration.

Basement Remodeling Libertyville: Make Your Basement One Of Your Home's Finest Assets

Basements are often left alone in a home but what if you sought to maximize that space. There’s a great possibility that you have an unfinished basement in your home that could benefit from basement remodeling Libertyville service. Basement renovations allow you to have a functional room in your home that can provide many uses for your family. You can let your imagination run wild with ideas for your basement. A few common ideas families implement are playrooms, home theaters, home gyms and home offices. When you decide to get rid of your home, completed basement remodeling Libertyville helps you to up the value of your property making our work an amazing investment into your future. Don’t allow this space to sit in your home with no purpose. Our legion of expert basement remodeling contractors Libertyville are proven in a number of different project styles so anything you can come up with we are able to perform efficiently. We use the best tools on the market to provide durable solutions that are sure to stand the test of time. Make your basement into your favorite room in your house. We do all the work for you making your job easy. Call us today to set up a consultation.

Let Us Show You What Our Basement Remodeling Libertyville Contractors Can Do with Your Unfinished Basement

Our basement renovations Libertyville service has been perfected continuously for 25 years. There are a number of ways in which a basement remodeling project differs from any other room. The top-quality basement finishing Libertyville residents want starts with an overhaul of the basement interior to look for signs of water damage. Then contractors must continue to the outside grounds to ensure they are graded away from the foundation. Afterwards, cracks on the foundation walls need to be found and repaired. And last, but not least for the preparation works, we’ll review the local permit regulations and building costs, especially those related to electricity and plumbing.

Our work dynamics is based on clear communication with our customers, for which we’re known as the most reliable basement remodeling contractors Libertyville has. We believe that being open and honest is a sure way to get you the basement finishing you are expecting, and an easy remodeling experience. With our advice, you’ll always be updated on budget and schedule, and we’ll make sure you understand the impact of your choices on these matters to ultimately reach the best basement remodeling Libertyville market offers. Search no more ‘basement finishing near me in Libertyville’ – choose us!

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