Are Remodeled Basements Included in the Square Footage Calculations for a Home?

Yes and no is the correct response. Basement square footage should be included if it has been finished. The term “finished” is crucial here. The square footage of an unfinished basement will never be included in any such estimations. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to get perplexed while attempting to do the math on this.

A House’s Total Usable Square Footage

In most cases, the perimeter of a house is measured to determine its gross interior area. What’s provided must be a complete and usable room. Depending on the law in your jurisdiction, this may only apply to rooms with elevated or higher access. This may rule out basements as a viable option in many homes.

When is a Basement Included in Square Footage?

Determining whether or not your state permits the inclusion of basement square footage is the toughest element of the process. The whole floor must typically be at or above ground level for the area to be counted. If your basement finishing project has a door that leads straight to the outdoors, that space might be included against the overall square footage of your property. It also has to be a fully functional living area. Floors and walls should be completed to a quality you’d expect in your own house. When deciding whether or not a place is suitable for human habitation, it’s also necessary to take into account whether or not there is working plumbing and electricity.

When is a Basement Excluded from Square Footage?

In a few situations, the size of your basement won’t factor into how much space you have. As I was saying previously, in certain places, it does not qualify at all. Having a completed basement refinishing is not a prerequisite for inclusion. Not finishing the basement is another factor. When calculating the square footage of a house, an unfinished basement is never included since it does not increase the amount of usable space.

Adding More Square Footage with a Finished Basement 

Whether or not the completed space in your basement is included in the overall square footage of your house, it will always increase the property’s market value. Having a spare room or other areas that can be converted into a living space is a great selling point for a house. If you have questions or need assistance, our knowledgeable basement remodeling contractors are here to assist you in making your dream basement a reality. Please get in touch with us right away for a no-cost quote.